Margaret River Eco-Heritage Tours

Explore the spectacular landscapes of Margaret River with local guide, anthropologist and writer Jinni Wilson

Relics of the timber industry at Hamelin Bay

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I’ve never felt more connected to a place in such a short time I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to go on your tour and look forward to coming back and doing another …..

Glenn Findley, Milton, New South Wales, June 2019

Cave to Coast Tour

Contos Beach

Travel down Caves Road on a journey through the deep history of Margaret River. Explore a unique landscape shaped by drifting continents, ancient ice ages, and rising oceans.

Visit Ellensbrook, home to Wadandi custodians for thousands of years, and the first colonial homestead in Margaret River. Tour Mammoth Cave, where the bones of extinct megafauna were found over a century ago. Then head down to the coast for a hike at Contos Beach, where the cave streamline emerges at the coast. This is a tour where you can really immerse yourself in the spectacular landscape of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge.

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Tree Hollows Tour

Exploring the Fairy Bend on Caves Road

Spend a day exploring the wild forests of Margaret River. From the ancient jarrah trees and tall timbers of the Blackwood River Valley, to the coastal woodlands and lush forest glades of Boranup. Go bushwalking in one of the worlds’ biodiversity hotspots and experience a landscape rich in history and culture.

We explored the history of the settlement and logging of the area and followed the journey of the timber all the way to the sea at beautiful Hamelin Bay where it was exported. The regrowth forest is an amazing place to go walking and Jinni knows all the best places to take you in her 4×4. Thoroughly recommended! …..

Helen Jenour, Bunbury August 2019

Karri Regrowth in Boranup Forest

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Earth Sea Star Climate Action

Tree Planting Project

Tourism makes a high contribution to global carbon emissions. Air and car travel still rely on fossil fuels. As a member of the tourism industry I plan to balance out impact by planting trees.

Trees draw carbon out of the atmosphere and lock it into the biomass.

During the summer and Autumn of 2019 and 2020 I’ll be collecting seed, raising seedlings and looking for an area of land to replant next winter. I’ll be planting 5 trees for every tour and documenting the process on social media.

Tree Hollows at Hamelin Bay Oct 2019

Jinni Wilson is an independent anthropologist working in heritage interpretation. Through writing and photography she is exploring ways to connect community and spirit of place. She has spent five years working as a cave guide in Margaret River. In 2019 she established Earth Sea Star Eco-Heritage tours, looking to share a rich cultural landscape with visitors and foster sustainable tourism.

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