A Monument to the Ephemeral

Granite-gneiss on the Leeuwin-Naturaliste coast, made from molten rock twice-forged deep underground. Cooled and crystallised into individual components; pegmatite, quartz, garnet, feldspar.  Differences in pressure and temperature created veins, intrusions, domes and weak zones.  Lifted aeons later by the effects of continental drift, and brought to the margins of earth, sea and sky.

Released from the weight of the earth, the rock expanded as it surfaced, cracking along lines parallel to the earth. Radiant heat from the sun travels 150 million kilometres to warm and crack the stone. The same light draws water into the atmosphere, forming clouds and weather systems that infiltrate the cracks with molecule upon molecule of water. The gentle flow of eons, wearing away at the softer rock until only the harder core remains. So there it stands, catching the light, framed by the clouds. A snapshot moment of an eternal process, a monument to the ephemeral power of sunlight and rain.